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Questions to Ask Kermanshah Brain Injury Attorneys – Lawyers

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You will have many questions to ask Kermanshah brain injury attorneys. The topics and specific questions suggested below are intended as a guide for your information gathering.
Try to ask the same questions of each potential attorney in Kermanshah:
Write down the responses you receive
– If you are not clear about something the lawyer said, either at the time you meet with the attorney or later, do not hesitate to ask for clarification.
Verify the information the lawyer in Kermanshah has provided by checking with the state bar association, college or university he/she attended, organizations which sponsor education/training the attorney has attended, reading articles written by the lawyer and/or other means

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Be observant during the time you spend with each potential lawyer in Kermanshah. Pay attention to how the attorney, office personnel and staff interact with you and your family and determine if it is comfortable for you. Trust your instincts. Many personal injury cases take years to resolve, so the rapport between you and the lawyer can be very important.
Keep in mind that you do not need to know everything about every potential attorney in Kermanshah. You will develop more in-depth knowledge about the individual lawyer you select as you work together over time.

Questions About How Well the Lawyer in Kermanshah Understands the Case:

– Based on the information you have about my situation, what are the strengths and limitations of my case?
– What additional information about my case do you need and how do you propose to obtain it?
– What is your opinion of (theory of) my case?

Questions to Understand the Resources Available to the Attorney in Kermanshah:

– Who else in your practice would you involve in my case? What role(s) would these people have? Describe their background and expertise.
– Who will be my primary contact with your practice?
– Are you or your law firm able and willing to advance as much as $50 000 in the investigation, preparation and presentation of my case?

Questions to Understand the Lawyer’s Legal and Brain Injury Experience in Kermanshah:

– How much of your practice is devoted to personal injury?
– Of your personal injury cases, how many are devoted to brain injury?
– What results have you achieved in Kermanshah?
– What is your involvement with legal associations, local, state or national brain injury associations or other organizations?
– How did you first become involved in brain injury cases?
– How do you stay up to date with personal injury law and brain injury issues?
– What have you worked on in the past six months?
– What special training or education do you have specific to brain injury or benefits that people can get after brain injury in Kermanshah?